Makeup Skills Learn how to apply false eyelashes in a few steps, and your eyes will be enlarged instantly

Makeup Skills Learn how to apply false eyelashes in a few steps, and your eyes will be enlarged instantly

As the computer has become an indispensable tool for modern life, office and entertainment, it brings great convenience and at the same time it brings fatal radiation to the skin, which makes many MMs facing the computer skin worse and worse, and the mood is getting worse. The worse. Here are eight ways to teach you, let you do a good job in radiation protection!

Step2. The false eyelashes are first fixed in the eyes, and the inner part of the eye and the tail part of the eye are lifted upwards. When wearing false eyelashes, first fix the position of the eye and the head of the eye. Remind you, the end of the eye should not be glued along the shape of the eye, but should be lifted up to make the eyes appear upward.

third step

The second measure of how to prevent radiation: isolation is the most important

Many people have the problems of drooping eyes, bubble eyes or not that the eyes are not big enough. Different eye problems will increase the trouble of eye makeup. Today, we must teach everyone to wear false eyelashes correctly to overcome the problems of eye swelling and sagging. Let you also have discharge eyes.

Makeup skills

Initially completed. The eye makeup will be brighter than before, highlighting the eye contour.

“Electrostatic vacuuming” will make your face dirty. After half a day of work, you must wash your face and hands. Choose different series of cleansers according to your skin type to relax your skin; take a shower in time after get off work.



Step3. Use pliers to adjust the false eyelashes to lift the eye support. Next, use pliers to adjust the false eyelashes. Because glue has been applied to the upper edge of the false eyelashes before, you can use pliers to assist the false eyelashes to support the eyelids.

A few simple steps to learn how to apply false eyelashes

Step1. Apply glue on the top and outer edge of the false eyelash stalk, and put it on after half-drying. When applying glue on the hard stalked false eyelashes, pay special attention. In addition to the top of the hard stalk, apply the glue to the stalk. The outer edge is ready to be worn after it is half dry.

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