Makeup skills, the advantages of eyelashes, say goodbye to mascara and false eyelashes

Makeup skills, the advantages of eyelashes, say goodbye to mascara and false eyelashes

Growing eyelashes is really nothing new, but the rumors about eyelashes have never stopped. It cannot be denied that this is indeed a good way to kill two birds with one stone. Say goodbye to the trouble of mascara and sticking false eyelashes every day to maximize confusion. Vision.

Before grafting, be sure to ask the technician to confirm the condition of your eyelashes, whether it is suitable for grafting, whether you need to remove eye makeup, remove contact lenses, whether the remaining eyelashes need to be treated, etc.

A: The colors of false eyelashes are purple, black, pink, brown, etc. It is generally recommended to graft colored eyelashes with black, so that you do not need to dye your own eyelashes.


Some glues with unknown ingredients can cause eye allergies and induce eye inflammation. If you feel eye irritation or any discomfort during the grafting process, please stop in time and rinse your eyes with water;

braided hair style makes people look energetic, especially on the beach, braided hair style and fresh flower skirt are perfect! This look seems complicated, but in fact, you only need to braid the fishbone braid separately from the bangs and the hair in the back area, then loosen the texture, and wind the braid toward the neck side into a bun. Cool and playful, one of the must-have looks for vacation!


In the process of eyelash grafting, the technician can use different lengths of eyelashes to create different eye shapes and make up for the lack of eye shapes. You need to communicate with the technician in advance.

Makeup skills

A: Eyelash grafting is to glue false eyelashes to your own eyelashes, so people who are born with thicker and curled eyelashes have the best effect. If the eyelashes are too sparse or even upside down, grafting is not recommended, you can try hair follicle transplantation.

No matter how well you protect, when the grafted eyelashes fall off, they will still take away part of your own eyelashes;

A: With the growth and natural shedding of eyelashes, plus external factors such as face washing and touching, 1/3 of the eyelashes will fall off after three weeks to one month after grafting, and the overall effect can usually be maintained at 1.5~2 month.


After grafting the eyelashes, if you want to use mascara, you must choose a special grafting mascara, and avoid using oily eyeliner, eye makeup, and makeup remover products.


In order to prevent the eyelashes from falling off quickly, when washing your face, the movements should be as gentle as possible and avoid rubbing the eyelashes.


Lying on the bed, the eyelash artist will first use an eyelash comb to gently comb the eyelashes neatly, and then stick a small piece of protective tape on the lower eyelid to protect the lower eyelashes from being glued to the eyelashes, and then carefully clean them with eyelash cleanser . After the preparation is completed, the eyelash artist will first trim the false eyelashes to the required length, and then carefully dip in special glue, attach it to 2/3 of the eyelashes, and then adjust the position with tweezers. After the grafting of one side of the eyelashes is completed, the eyelash artist will blow gently for about 1 minute with an air blower to make the glue drier, and then use tweezers to arrange the false eyelashes to the perfect state. There is no discomfort in the whole process. After I was done, I looked in the mirror carefully, and it was really “silly and unclear”!


In the hot summer, no matter how exquisite clothes are, ignoring the overall look will reduce points! What kind of look can cool you down and increase your appearance in this passionate summer? Teacher Zhouzhou will reveal the answer for you!

This year’s styling advocates a sense of carelessness, especially the bangs. Two strands of hair are drawn on both sides of the bangs for micro-rolling to modify the face. Pairing with a plain and elegant A-line skirt can add points to the overall look!

Q: How long can the effect of eyelash extension be maintained?

Teacher Zhouzhou teaches you: No matter what age you are, Wanzitou will never be disgusted. But wanting to be more eye-catching is not just a matter of just putting on your head, and a tight bun will only give you a sense of age. The texture of the braided hair and the flower hair accessories can be used to create the level and agility of the starting bun. This is the most eye-catching ball head!


Within 4~5 hours after eyelash grafting, do not touch water or steam;

Choice of the number and curvature of eyelashes

Editing experience

Q: Is eyelash grafting suitable for everyone?


The material of the false eyelashes is also exquisite. Be sure to choose quality-assured false eyelashes, because even the soft-touch false eyelashes closest to the touch of your own eyelashes will have a slight strange feeling after grafting;


Q: Is there a color choice for eyelash extensions?

Don’t be busy, you have to be clear about these professional issues

The same effect only increases the number of eyelashes, and the effect is quite different. For a single eye, 40 pieces are the closest to natural effect, 60 pieces are close to the effect of applying mascara, and 80 pieces are thick and long.

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