Makeup Tips Advanced Guide to False Eyelashes

Makeup Tips Advanced Guide to False Eyelashes

Use special tweezers to fix the false eyelashes a little bit from the inside of the eye to both sides. At this time, look down slightly. After applying it, press the root of a cotton swab or tweezers for about 15 seconds to make it firmly fixed.

It is necessary to apply a beautiful eyeliner first, and then apply the false eyelashes, because it is impossible to apply the false eyelashes to the eyeliner. However, after applying the false eyelashes, use eyeliner or liquid eyeliner to cover the adhesive that appears white after drying, so that the edge of the false eyelashes and the eyeliner can be integrated, and the look of the eyes can be continued. For a more natural effect, it is more suitable to draw eyeliner with eyeliner rather than liquid eyeliner.

Finally, brush the mascara again to make the false eyelashes and the real eyelashes into one, the effect is more natural.


The high temperature hits, it’s crazy! Even the best cosmetics will inevitably appear to be hazy. The layers of lotion, barrier cream, sunscreen, and foundation that have been carefully applied before are all mixed in sweat and oil to form a stream. A stream of milky white liquid dripped down his cheeks, and such a disgusting scene was staged almost every day. Will your makeup become more and more flowery? The more you apply it, the thicker it is? It is a must to learn the correct makeup. I will share with you the Korean makeup tips right now.
Use eyeliner to make the makeup perfect


Step1: Before sticking the false eyelashes, you must first massage your false eyelashes. The so-called massage is to first turn the stem of the false eyelashes and bend the false eyelashes in a small arc to make it softer and more docile.

Step4: When you paste it, it must be close to the root of the real eyelashes, so that it will look more natural when it comes out. The false eyelashes must be applied from the middle of the eye, and then the inner part of the eye and the end of the eye to completely knead the real and false eyelashes.

The false eyelashes are pasted on the upper eyelid, and the earth-toned eyeshadow can cover the small imperfections. If the part where the false eyelashes fit is not natural, you can choose black eye shadow to cover the area of ​​the double eyelid folds. Finally, use an eyeliner to gently draw the lower eyeliner on the lower eyelid, and smudge it with earthy eyeshadow, just like the shadow of the eyelashes.


If you want a dreamy eye makeup look, but you are disappointed with the kind of eyelashes, come here. False eyelashes are definitely one of the miracles that God bestows on women. Once you master the method of use, believe me, you can never give up on it.

It is recommended to use wet and dry powder to touch up makeup. Use the puff to gently press on the forehead, cheeks, and nose. If your skin is particularly dry, you can use a moisturizing spray to spray all over your face to replenish moisture and then replenish your makeup.


false eyelashes are divided into thick type and natural type, you can choose according to your personal style. Usually, you can choose sparse natural eyelashes. The best length of eyelashes should be that the end of the eye is longer than the head of the eye, and the width should be selected according to the individual eye shape. When you need to attend a party, you can choose thicker or even more exaggerated false eyelashes. Wear it carefully so that the real eyelashes and the false eyelashes become two layers. You can also cut the false eyelashes into clusters. When sticking false eyelashes, pay attention to the density of the eyelashes. It is best to trim them properly after sticking, and then apply some mascara to get a fake effect.


No matter if you have dry, oily or combination skin, it is difficult to avoid oily or sweating in the hot summer and cause makeup to fall off. So how do you touch up your makeup? If the powder is added directly, it is easy to form a ball, or the thicker it is, the fine lines will become more prominent. How to touch up makeup? The editor below teaches you how to touch up makeup.

Step2: Usually when wearing false eyelashes, you should trim them according to your eye shape, and cut the false eyelashes to the same length according to the width of your eyes. When trimming, start from the long end of the false eyelashes, so that it looks more natural. If it is too long, the effect of the post will be unnatural, and you can keep trimming to get the best effect.


Before refilling, be sure to absorb excess oil or sweat. If you press it directly with your fingers, it will cause uneven force. The editor here suggests that you can wrap the oil-absorbent paper with a powder puff and gently press on the oil. In this way, grease can be evenly sucked away.

2 Use an eyelash curler to curl the true and false eyelashes together from the root of the eyelashes. If a certain section of the false eyelashes is too upturned, you can use tweezers to slightly press down.

Step3: Apply high-quality special glue to the false eyelashes, and the amount of glue should not be excessive. Wait for 5-10 seconds, when the adhesive is somewhat dry, apply the eye again.

Are you ready to move and eager to see the big charming eyes of Ayumi Hamasaki? In fact, the method of wearing false eyelashes is really not difficult at all. Today, I will teach you to use 4 simple steps and add some tricks, so that a pair of small false eyelashes can help you immediately have a magical electric eye that will improve immediately. Your popularity!


It is best to choose Japanese false eyelashes with natural effects and suitable for the eye shape of Orientals. The whole set of false eyelashes is recommended, the effect is more outstanding. If you pair with clusters of false eyelashes, you can make your eyes more distinct. The thick black base of the false eyelashes can make the eyes more present; the transparent stem will not feel abrupt when you are lazy and don’t draw eyeliner.

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