Skillfully use tools to create perfect eyelashes

Skillfully use tools to create perfect eyelashes

Here comes the important point. Please look at the partial eyelash curler at the bottom of the picture. It can correct the corners of your eyes or the end of your eyes. Because of the angle of the ordinary eyelash curler, the eyelashes cannot be clamped. And it is especially suitable for people with short eyelashes, it is very compact and convenient.

The last step is to apply mascara. The brushing method of eyelashes is no longer the old “Z”-shaped brushing method. You can first insert the mascara brush into the root of the eyelashes, hold it for 2-3 seconds, and then let it stay on. Glide outwards in the eyelashes. Then put the brush head upright and use the tip of the brush head to treat the lower eyelashes one by one. The whole is also applied radially.


The best eyelashes are curly and clear. Sometimes there will be doubts. The clamped eyelashes will fall off very quickly. Don’t worry, the correct and effective procedure is to first curl the roots of the eyelashes, and then lift the eyelashes at 45 degrees and 90 degrees respectively.

Step2: Use a partial eyelash curler to trim

is another magical gadget on the market. It ranges from tens of yuan to 100 yuan. It can be used at the root and middle of the eyelashes after it is warmed up with a battery. After you have clamped your eyelashes, you can use it to shape your eyelashes, so that your eyelashes are more curly, natural and long lasting.

Step3: Use an electric eyelash curler to shape the curled eyelashes

Degree of difficulty: ★☆

Electric eyelashes can be completed in 2 minutes. As long as you are diligent in practice, such a perfect electric eyelashes can be completed in only 2 minutes. Is it very practical and beautiful?

Degree of difficulty: ★★★
Girls with melon seeds are very suitable for this full-length hairstyle. The fluffy twists are tied diagonally on the basis of the oblique valgus curls. The whole is very natural and not artificial, but it is very design. It can add visual affinity, just like the girl next door, making people feel cordial, and it is natural to like it. Full shadow
Degree of difficulty: ★★☆


The playful oblique bangs perfectly modifies the face shape and softens the lines of the face. The curved lines of the oblique bangs match the curled hair, and the whole hairstyle is naturally like a breeze. It exudes a charming intellectual atmosphere, giving people a warm and pleasant impression. Coupled with chocolate-colored hair dye, it adds a sweet smell to the vision, and it looks very refreshing in summer. Full shadow

Degree of difficulty: ★★☆


Step4: Apply protective slimming liquid

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