Understand these tips, false eyelashes will also be very natural

Understand these tips, false eyelashes will also be very natural

Fashion week enters the final stage, a big brand is shining brightly. Although there is no bold creative work in makeup, there are many unique little surprises. This time, whether to play eye makeup or lip makeup, see how the big names choose!


When the glue is dry, you can use the eyelash curler to clamp the real and false eyelashes at the same time, which can make the false eyelashes and the real eyelashes blend together more naturally.

Step 4: Add eyeliner and mascara in time


Want to have bright eyes, in addition to double eyelids and watery eyes, and thick eyelashes! The editor shares the false eyelash technique with you.

In fact, the best time to add eyeliner and mascara is before putting on the false eyelashes, which should be the last step of the entire eye makeup. If you apply eyeliner and Mascara after wearing false eyelashes, the eyelashes will be prone to sagging and unnatural.


Makeup focus: Red lips appear frequently during Paris Fashion Week, but the red lips are different from each other. JeanPaulGaultier’s red is full and moist, with clear boundaries, more naughty and restless.


False eyelashes do not necessarily fit the length of the eye. You should first place the false eyelashes on the eyelids and measure the length of the eyelashes. The length of the eyelashes is usually measured from the 1/4 inch of the eye, and then cut off the excess.


The first step: adjust the length of eyelashes

After applying glue to the false eyelashes, you should wait for 1-2 minutes. While waiting, you can “Fing” a few times. Putting it on the eyelids too impatiently will affect the effect. Then use the clip to slowly place it on the eyelid, and then adjust the position.

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